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temp gauge

  1. Erratic temp readings on Scanguage

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    2008 cabrio, 42k miles, Sarasota, Florida area - car used occasionally (about one week per month, 5 months per year) - new battery November, disconnected when not in use. voltage reads 12.6 to 14.2 Noticed the temperature readings on the Scanguage jumping around. Driving about 45mph, seemed...
  2. HELP ME: Request for tech information: (Re: temperature gauge)

    smart Modifications
    My smart center said they could install a temperature gauge for me. So, I bought an Auto Meter Ultra-Lite II (#4937), electric, short sweep, with a pedestal mount (#49008). Then, I spent a whole morning at the dealer and the job didn't get done. Apparently, I need a T-shaped temperature...