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  1. For Sale: 2008 Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe 34k $8500 Dallas, TX

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I am selling a 2008 Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe vin: WMEEJ31X98K183271. No accidents. Perfect first car! The car is in excellent condition with 34,897 miles, well maintained. No Mechanical issues, A/C ice cold. Looks & drives great! The car is white with black interior, interior and exterior are...
  2. Anyone have LCD heat issues?

    Tech & Gadgets
    Not much going on here. Still unemployed, still waiting on disability, and still broiling in the TX heat. We have a LCD HDTV I got back in april (if you guys ever need deals on crap, I can give you some sites to look at: $600 TV for $200, back when I got my severance) and now that it is 110˚F...
  3. Anyone one else out in Abilene/Big Country

    Texas Chapter
    umm, i have seen like atleast 2 other models besides mine, but i have yet to meet anyone, it would be pretty fun to see ppl in my area.
  4. Top of the morning from west texas

    New Members Area
    anyone else in the Big Country area with a smart? i have seen like one other, but i cant seem to find the owner, would be cool to go drive some day
  5. Magnolia Top Down

    Magnolia Top Down

    2009 smart fortwo cabriolet white / silver. Her name is Magnolia.
  6. Magnolia Interior

    Magnolia Interior

    2009 smart fortwo cabrio white/silver. Her name is Magnolia.
  7. Magnolia


    2009 smart fortwo cabrio. white/silver. Her name is Magnolia.
  8. Orphan Headed to Ft Worth Texas.

    smart General Discussion
    Called smart today after being contacted By Ft worth Dealer that the car was on its way. I cancelled the Reservation. Headed to Fort Worth is the following. Rally Red Passion Black Tridon Black Cloth Interior Panarama Roof Fog Lights Tach Clock Group Factory Alarm Decided The warranty and...
  9. Blue Belle Dressed For Chrismas

    Blue Belle Dressed For Chrismas

  10. Smart Art

    Smart Art

    I painted Blue Belle.
  11. Hello From Texas!

    New Members Area
    I wanted to stop by and say "Howdy" to you Smart Car owners. I don't have one, but I really like them! I've seen a total of 3 on the road so far. I also wanted to tell CubeFX "congrats and thanks" for stopping by LotusTalk. He said some really nice things about my Exige. (It just happens to...
  12. Central Texas Chapter needed?

    Texas Chapter
    Okay, let's see if this thread title gets more response. Do we need our own central Texas chapter? Round Rock, Austin, Georgetown, Pflugerville? Well?