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  1. smart General Discussion
    I admit that I love the look of the Thule Bike Rack, and want to buy one. You can find these on eBay under: "Smart Car Bike Rack Single Bicycle by Thule." They're expensive, but I'm willing to pay for what I want. 1) Does anyone here use one, and if so, can you share your experience? I...
  2. Batsmart Roof

    Smart Cars at SEMA 2008
  3. smart Modifications
    With the challenge of finding a bike rack, functional (not ugly), I found a use for my trunk mounted Thule bike rack (used for folding the rack up and down). By adding two Yakima Raptor Mounts, 5/8" ACME threaded rod (which is nearly identical to the tow thread), cotter pin, etc... a hack saw...
1-3 of 3 Results