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  1. Alameda Perking Enforcement

    Giving tickets in style down in Alameda, CA
  2. smart General Discussion
    Today I almost got nailed for cutting through a gas station while running late. :trafficlight: - Unmarked car saw me = i had no choice but to grab a pump. - 5 short gallons later, it clicks full. Can't bust me for not having a big enough gas tank. Didn't lose that much time at all, saved a...
  3. smart General Discussion
    Back in January, when my newborn smart had just a couple of hundred miles on it, I made an in-the-moment driving decision to avoid a panic stop with my still un-broken-in-brakes. I was the only car traveling in my direction, and approaching a left turn with the left-turn arrow in GREEN. The...
  4. Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    I parked in North Beach between 2 driveways, the curb was just long enough for my Smart, my girlfriend just got the car and said we got a "driveway complaint" for $75, anyone got one of these before? One of the reasons why we bought the Smart was so we can park in the tiny curbs between 2...
1-4 of 4 Results