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  1. smart Wheels & Tires
    Plan to ditch the worn out, teeth-rattling, narrow-walled Continentals on my Passion next week. Getting dizzy with size and wheel recommendations as I proceed. Like the looks of the 2015 tire-size setup. Contiprocontact 195/50/R15 on the rear and 165/60/R15 on the front (According to Tire Rack...
  2. smart General Discussion
    I drive a 2008 smart for two Passion. Why are the smaller tires on the front? I'm going to replace the rear tires in a few days. I'll then replace the front tires in a month. I was thinking why not put the same size tires that are on the rear on the front. Now, I know thinking can get us...
  3. smart Wheels & Tires
    This link I found a while back. Tire size calculator It allows you to enter one size tire/wheel and compare it to another tire/wheel size. It is useful when trying to match stock to over-size without screwing up your speedometer to much. It even helps with width comparisons. Check "end" to see...
1-3 of 3 Results