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  1. 453
    Just upgraded to a '16 Passion. Trade-in deal was insulting, so I hopefully can sell the '13 and come out a little ahead. Both are equipped to tow behind. Happy to find the '16 at a great price and not have to pay to install the baseplate and wiring. My luck, though, that I have Roadmaster tow...
  2. smart Towing
    I'm an MBA student at the USC Marshall School of Business. I'm currently working on a class project about the feasibility of marketing a lightweight trailer to pull with the SMART. The trailer would be able to haul small boats, kayaks, canoes, bicycles, and small equipment (up to 700 lbs). To...
  3. Vintage Single Wheel Trailer

    See the Chow behind the seats? Lol!
  4. "top Of The World Ma!"

    Good to be home...
  5. Smart Car Camping

    My Favorite photo
  6. Nevada County, California

    Notice wife's head? Lol!
  7. Look What Followed Me Home!!

    We towed our SMART over 5000 miles this summer!!
1-18 of 24 Results