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  1. Like New Genuine Smart 451 parts that needs to go, Best Offer!

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    2015 Smart 451 new take-off's with less than 500 miles. • Set of 4 Genuine Smart 451 (TPMS) Tire Pressure Sensor......Sells at Smart Madness for $399.96 Best Offer! • (Sold) Set of 4 Genuine Smart Car Wheel Trim Silver Wheel Covers...... Sells at Smart Madness for $199.96 Best Offer! • (Sold)...
  2. Resetting faulty TPMS telltale

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Can anyone share instructions on how to reset a false TPMS malfunction telltale? Pressure is perfect and the darn light won't go out. Short of putting black electric tape over the the warning light, I'm at a loss. It did happen once before couple of years back, and it was reset by the...
  3. TPMS Life - 6 to 7 years ?????

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Had a TPMS problem indication in the 2005 Mercedes S-class and took it into the dealer (also local smart center). They indicated that 2 of the TPMS had 'reached limit' and one more was about to (6 months left). (Fourth TPMS was replaced a couple of years ago due to problem). Seems there is a...
  4. Tire stem caps

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Last time the wife went to get the tires aired up, they stole our smart brand caps. I just noticed it today. So, I figured that I would replace them with the tire pressure caps that show you when they are running low. Walmart used to carry them, but I cant find them and last time I did, they...
  5. Ultraseal-ed? TPMS Warning light stays on

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hoping someone has a quick and easy answer. I just dosed my tires with Ultraseal and aired them up. When resetting the TPMS, the warning light flashes the three times or so but then remains on, so is not reset. I thought the air in was supposed to clear the valve cores... Any ideas? I have a...
  6. 15" used SMART car original wheels & tires w/o sensors

    storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    I'm selling my original 9 spoke rims w/ tires (used & taken off at about 500 miles) Location: San Fernando Valley No scratches - Dents - Discoloration - No TPMS $500.00 pm me your city state & zip for shipping SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Tire Sizes

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Going to order my Smart pure, blue with silver tridon, when I get back from deployment. I plan on moving the rear wheels to the front, saving fronts for spares, and getting two new rear OEM rims, 15X5.5. One. Can I remove the TPMS from the old fronts and replace it with a standard valve...
  8. 75MPH speedometer 90MPH scangauge

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Oh you guys are gonna love this: - I was going 75MPH for 15 minutes just now, it felt a bit windy so I took my eyes and hands off the road (oh relax; my knee can hold the wheel) while i checked the scangauge. I was traveling at 90MPH the whole time.:think: -is the speedometer broken since...
  9. TPMS crying wolf

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Has anybody else experienced Tire Pressure Monitoring System false alarms a little bit too often? This time I got a false alarm with 40psi all around.
  10. Cheap source for tpm sensors

    smart Wheels & Tires
    These are the same sensors that Tire Rack supplied me.I did not mount my new wheels yet so I can not confirm if they work but T/R says they will Tire Pressure Sensor - TPMS 2008 thru 2009 They are mopar part...
  11. TPMS issue

    smart Wheels & Tires
    I checked my tires for the first time, and found all 4 at 40 or slightly above.:eek: per the recommendation in the door panel, I lowered them to 29 in front, 36 in rear (cold pressure). Well, I forgot about the TPMS and the next time I drove it, I noticed that the light was on solid. I...
  12. Tire rotation tip

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Last weekend I rotated my tires for the first time. This tip is for those who have square 4's or the same size tires all around. I have 175's on stock 5.5 inch wheels. Anyway.... Did the rotation, wheel lug torquing, etc. and took the car out for a ride and noticed right away I had a TPMS light...