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  1. My 2014 Smart Fortwo Passion And A Time Out Easy Camper Trailer.

    Trailer rides a little high, but once gear is loaded I'll remeasure and see if I need a lower hitch. Tows fine.
  2. New Members Area
    Howdy, new here. Just bought a 2014 Smart ForTwo Passion and a Time Out Easy Camping trailer. Neither have arrived yet, but on August 1st, I plan on taking them both into the Rockies up to about 8,000 feet in Gardner, Colorado. I'm planning on having UHaul do a hitch install. I'd love to...
  3. Accident
    Nearly a decade with a little car, and then this happens: I was pulling a 4ft HarborFreight trailer in SLOW stop-and-go traffic, when an unlicensed/uninsured driver decided to test Pauli's Exclusion Principle with his 2000 Chevy Astro van. The collision totalled my trailer. Only visible...
  4. smart General Discussion
    My beloved little ForTwo 450 was rear-ended last week. I've DIYed all service in the little ones for nearly a decade, but now I need a decent local mechanic to complete insurance covered work. They'll need a MB Star (or WinStar) machine too. Any recommendations for a Portland Oregon area...
  5. 20270

  6. smart Towing
    I'm putting together a harbor freight 40x48 trailer with the 12" wheels, and basically making it a tag-along roof rack. Thought some of you might be interested in this. I'm trying to keep the whole thing as inexpensive as possible, and I'll list approximate pricing for anyone interested. This is...
  7. Wisconsin Chapter
    I just got an 09 Passion, white with black tridion. Looking for best shops to do reg. maint., plus repairs.... if ever needed. Outside warranty so dealer not necessary. Also looking for options to haul my 9 ft, 45 lb kayak. I appreciate help from other owners who have already tackled these...
  8. smart Towing
    Hi all, Let me start by saying that I have scoured the forums and the web trying to find answers to my questions, but have only found a lot of vague references. So, I'm not posting these questions without having tried to find the answers first. First off, what is the "unofficial" towing...
  9. Carolinas Chapter
    With options over $3000 new, half price today$1500. Near Myrtle Beach, SC 843 240 8450 Try this link as I still can't get the pictures to d/l, Smart Trailer USA, The first trailer on their list is mine and it has the spare tire and dolly wheel option with ramps and ratcheting tie down.
  10. smart News & Rumors
    The Verts Kebap restaurant in Austin is taking to the streets with what it calls the world’s smallest food trailer. The restaurant, home of the German-inspired Doner Kebap, or Turkish meat sandwich, is located at 2530 Guadalupe St. near the University of Texas...
  11. smart Towing
    I'm an MBA student at the USC Marshall School of Business. I'm currently working on a class project about the feasibility of marketing a lightweight trailer to pull with the SMART. The trailer would be able to haul small boats, kayaks, canoes, bicycles, and small equipment (up to 700 lbs). To...
  12. smart Videos
    Hey everybody! While talking on the phone with Butch today, he told me he just saw a smart car in a movie trailer, so I looked it up and am posting it here for you all to enjoy. Have a great day!
  13. Teardrop

    A pic of the teardrop at work
  14. Teardrop

    A pic of the teardrop at work
  15. Trailer

    Harbor Frieght Tag- along
  16. storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    All aluminum 2007 Loadmaster UTT8212AF trailer to tow your Smart. You can also use it to tow snow mobiles, ATVs, lawn equipment or anything else up to 2250 lbs. Weights just 740 lbs and is entirely aluminum. The same trailer with a wood deck weights 1200 lbs, if it was all steel it would weight...
  17. smart News & Rumors
    Yeah, This Isn't Very Smart - smart fortwo - Jalopnik So by their logic if you purchase a car which doesn't fit your camping equipment or whatever once a year and you have to take a trailer or rent an RV or something, you are not very smart? I actually think that guy's makeshift trailer is genius.
  18. Red-peter's Baby

    That was my baby. Left me 3 years ago :-(
  19. smart Towing
    Do you think it is possible to build something like this for the smart? VW travel trailer (circa 1974). CUBE
  20. Billc's Car/trailer

    Billc's car/trailer
1-20 of 52 Results