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transmission issue

  1. 2005 Smart fortwo jumps out of gear

    Modifications and Repairs
    Help no one can help me. I've been told since this is a "Gray" cat the dealership sold me, no one has the computer to do the diagnostic. I am so up sad. What can I do? I'll dive and all off a sudden it jumps into neutral:(. I roll over stop the car and start it up again!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. three bars of death.. 05 450 S. Mann

    Modifications and Repairs
    ok i drive my car every day, except when its nasty out, no problems ever.. so at 31k miles im due for a brake pad change (i can hear them chirping) i got new pads, on the way home suddenly it slows down and as if i have no gas pedal, but its still running, then i notice the three bars on on the...
  3. Transmission woes

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Car: 2008 Smart ForTwo History: Last year the motor blew (another story for another time, no fault of smart) and we replaced it. The car has been sitting there, waiting for some parts. Finally the parts were acquired and everything put back together. Engine fired right up! (Breaks arm...
  4. Weird Transmission Problem

    smart General Discussion
    Hello all, I really appreciate your opinions. This is not the typical "three-bar" problem. As I cannot figure out what really happens on my Smart (451 '08 US Cabriolet version), please let me give a rather lengthy description (I apologize my English in advance, I'm not a native). I installed...
  5. Shifting

    New Members Area
    When Shifting, it's normal that the car get a little weak? Hi people, I'm new here and I just have a week with my new 2011 smart.
  6. Anyone have around 7000 miles on their 09 yet?

    smart General Discussion
    8500 on our '09 and no problems.
  7. Hello and Help (gearshift stuck, in Switzerland)

    New Members Area
    Hello, I just purchased a used smart to cruise around town in and take my little boy to school. I have only had it for 2 days and when I went to drive it this morning It won't let me start it. It appears to think that it is in gear but it is in Neutral. Any suggestions? I am sure it is...