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  1. My 1st smart car road trip (kinda)

    smart General Discussion
    well i drove my smart car to my grandmothers, its only maybe an 3 hour drive, but for a 16 year old, thats a lot, lol. i thought it was going to be a grueling drive since i dont have cruise control, but it turned out to be a ok drive, kinda looking forward to the drive back
  2. Harry World of Hurt (guy roadtrip blogging in a smart)

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    I just found out a guy is road tripping across the US and video/blogging it . . . in a smart. I'm suprised there isn't much mention of this on the forums yet. His website could do a better job of being clear where he is--maybe he should get Google Lattitude or something He visits George Bush...
  3. Top of the morning from west texas

    New Members Area
    anyone else in the Big Country area with a smart? i have seen like one other, but i cant seem to find the owner, would be cool to go drive some day
  4. Smart Car - Official Car of Road Trip 2008

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    10,000 Miles and 100 Days in a Smart! More at The Great American Road Trip 2008 - Introduction
  5. Mt Washington, NH trip planning

    North-East Region
    so i'm mad googling the net for further info on this 'exploration'. got any sharable personal experiences? -j The Sticker