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  1. Modifications and Repairs
    Last night I was bringing some boxes over to a friend's place. Threw them in the trunk no problem. I went to open the trunk today, and the latch makes the noise like it's opening as usual but the trunk stays locked. I've played around with the rear roof latches, locked and unlocked the car...
  2. smart Gallery
    Please post some pictures of the the Smart trunk area with some cargo... Luggage especially.I will renting a Smart in Europe and I want to be sure my luggage will fit.I am also considering buying one,after the trip I will know. Thank guys!:D
  3. smart General Discussion
    I just bought my daughter a Passion (used). Of the two interior latches (tabs to let the lift gate open), one is broken. Has anyone had this happen? Any luck repairing it yourself? Thanks!
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Please someone help me. Can any one tell me if their trunk has refused to lock shut? I cannot get mine to latch.
  5. Almost Full Smart

    Over $200 in groceries and supplies
  6. Almost Full Smart

    Over $200 in groceries and supplies
  7. smart Modifications
    Hey, Just added net pocket to the boot area. Here is step by step. 1. Get the metal coat hanger. Cut and bend it to the shape of boot pocket (see pictures). . . 2. Boot pocket already have cutouts for the wire to install. . 3. I used trunk storage net I found in my garage. I...
  8. Diamond In The Rough

    Our smart Passion gets used to its new home!
1-8 of 8 Results