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    Hi guys, I'm selling my Smart, to my parents no less (hah!), and they have no interest in the Smart Madness GoPedal that I purchased last year, so I've removed it and am looking to sell it. The product page on smart madness' site is below for those of you that want to know more or don't already...
  2. smart Modifications
    Just a quickie guys and girls to let you know that BigPerformance is now on Facebook Got the new BIG turbo on there and the SuperTrick flywheel:D
  3. New Members Area
    Hallo, this is Peter from Stuttgart, Germany, the parent contry of Smart cars. At the moment I have a black ForFour. I own Smarts since 8 years. I'm looking for good ideas and modifications at Smarts. Greetings from Germany, Peter.
  4. smart Modifications
    I won at the Midwest Rally, InMotion ECU tuning services, and Now I have a few questions! 1. What exactly am I going to get from InMotion, does anyone else have tuning by them? 2. Where is the ECU on this car, I will have to ship them my ECU. Thanks guys
1-4 of 4 Results