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  1. 453
    Hi, was just wondering if all of the 2016+ 453's are Turbo or would I have to find a specific version of that model? Looking to buy one before H2Oi this summer and would really like one with Turbo, but haven't been able to find a lot of information about the engines and haven't seen the engine...
  2. Turbo
    Hello, I’ve looked all around for information on if this setup would work for my 2009 Smart...I’ve done all the bolt ons possible and want to turbo it. Is it worth spending the money to go this route, or the 4K for the turbo setup from @SmartMadness ? TIA
  3. smart General Discussion
    I purchased a 2016 smart fortwo passion with the 900cc turbo engine; along with an extended warranty. It is now Jan 2020 and i purchased the car in Jan 2017 as a demo... The extended warranty covers up to 120,000km not in addition to the base 80,000km warranty, which I asked to confirm to make...
  4. smart General Discussion
    I came up on a free 2005 smart fortwo. One of the ones imported from europe. Its the 457th one made. So this would be a first generation 450 model correct? This thing is so fun to drive and shift. Anybody ever put a blowoff valve on it? I'm wondering what that would entail. Also what is...
  5. Turbo
    Sorry for such a noob question but I can't seem to find an answer.. Can you install a turbo and still use the stock drive train??
  6. smart General Discussion
    Hi, Ever since I bought my smart secondhand I have always heard the sound of escaping air when I back off on the throttle. Recently I now get this sound on full throttle and the power drops off at the same time. Despite this I can find no evidence of a blow off valve. All the air hoses are...
  7. smart Parts Marketplace
    Well, I don't have a smart anymore so I don't need this turbo kit. It's a Garrett GT20 turbo kit, runs at about 5PSI, and is in great working condition. The car it was pulled off of had a little over 10k miles. Comes with the turbo, intercooler, waste gate, mounting brackets/screws, and a...
  8. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    SOLD SOLD :cool:
  9. New Members Area
    New member from Florida, with 2005 CDI Smart. Looking forward to learning more about this amazing little car :D BubblesDepo
  10. G's V. Et

    G's as measured by a Droid in the 1/8 mile on a turbo smart
  11. Place Intercooler Here

    A GT12, before the intercooler
  12. smart News & Rumors
    When I was in for 10k mile service today in Santa Clara I noticed something interesting on my receipt. Under the specifications for my car there was a "Turbo" box where they put a "N." I wonder if this was because the forms are the same in Europe or if maybe we're getting a turbo option in the...
  13. Turbo
    Hey everybody. I got my awesome turbo today. I finally found the right size turbo for this Smart car and it spins nicely. Great price and am probably expecting about 8lbs boost with 120whp. Hopefully, the install won't take too long. P.S.- this is the same size turbo they use on the ricer...
  14. My Smart Car Turbo

    Finally got my turbo. Great size for the Smart car engine!
  15. smart News & Rumors
    I just got back from my 10k mile tuneup. The guy that works there is so in the know about everything that is about to happen with Smart that him and I sat down and discussed everything coming up since I told him I was going to put aftermarket parts on my car. He informed me that Smart is...
  16. storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    Hi All, I received these Forge Motorsports turbo intake pipes and dump valve from a friend for Christmas (best gift ever!) too bad they don't work on my smart (I have the 2006 Canadian cdi) you can check the original prices here: (in UK pounds) Forge Motorsport | Alloy Fabrication These parts...
1-17 of 29 Results