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  1. 451
    Has anyone installed Polaris Razor Seats? The new seats for the Razors that are heated, lumbar support and just look a lot nicer than my current ones. Wondering if they would fit. Did a ride the other day and some of my friends got the new Razor General and the seats are nice. Would love to put...
  2. smart General Discussion
    Hello all, I have wanted a smart car for several years. I recently had the capital and know how to buy one for $700, minus auction fees, some 7 ish states away in Indiana. While being a spur of the moment purchase I rented a U haul and drove from Maine to Indianapolis in my Tahoe. I have wanted...
  3. 453
    OK SMARTIES! I own a Smart 453 with the JBL Audio - which is pretty darn good - however - I would like to get a bit of ambient sound from the back as well as being presented with all the sound up front. so I'm looking for suggestions. there are two openings in the rear quarter panels - is that...
  4. Audio & Video
  5. smart Modifications
    Hello, I'm new to the forum so I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I just installed a cold air intake and new iridium spark plugs. After work was done it idles really rough, drove for 70 miles no change. Re installed the original plugs idled a little better. is there a way to reset to...
  6. smart Modifications
    I have the intake upgrade(in red!!) from smart madness and am excited to put it in and want to be sure I have everything I need before starting. Can I reuse the clamps from oem intake on new silicone hose? Is there any misc. parts I need on hand that I will need, special tools/fasteners/etc...
  7. smart News & Rumors
    I just got back from my 10k mile tuneup. The guy that works there is so in the know about everything that is about to happen with Smart that him and I sat down and discussed everything coming up since I told him I was going to put aftermarket parts on my car. He informed me that Smart is...
  8. smart Fuel Economy
    My milage has decreased from 39-40 mpg to 32-35 mpg since I upgraded the transmission. This also coincided with summer and hotter weather (read 'a/c on more often and higher'). No driving habit or route changes. Anyone else have a similar experience since the tranny upgrade? or with a/c? Just...
  9. Florida's Stereo Upgrades

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  10. Florida's Stereo Upgrades

    Stereo upgrades
  11. Florida's Stereo Upgrades

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  12. Florida's Stereo Upgrades

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  13. Florida's Stereo Upgrades

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  14. Florida's Stereo Upgrades

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  15. Florida's Stereo Upgrades

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  16. Florida's Stereo Upgrades

    Stereo upgrades
  17. Florida's Stereo Upgrades

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1-17 of 17 Results