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  1. Hi Smarties! We are Blinker- an award winning app and we have over 60 Smart Cars!

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    Happy almost Spring! We at Blinker could not be more excited about warmer weather to get out on the road for some awesome adventures. You may have heard of us, or this may be the first time you've seen our name. We are an app based in the West Coast where individuals can buy and sell their...
  2. Wanted: Black Glove Box Door

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Looking for a glove box door for a project. If it looks good, I'll post it.... Chauly in Virginia
  3. 3 used smart cars in San Antonio at MSRP+

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    A smart salesman in San Antonio called me this afternoon to say he has 3 used smart cars for sell. They're a bit pricey, so I believe I'll wait for my reservation to come through. All of these have the full remaining warranty (~ 2 years ~ 24,000 miles). The salesman's name is Juan Gomez -...