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  1. smart Parts Marketplace
    I have an OEM exhaust (2008 Smart Fortwo, 31,000 miles). It is _missing_ the flex pipe and flange. If you want it (to weld on a new pipe, to play with/modify, whatever, it's yours for free plus shipping from Massachusetts. Likewise, I have a rear valence (matte black) with a rather large hole...
  2. storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    WANTED - a front valence (spoiler) for 2008/2009 451 If you have installed an aftermarket, cool front valence (spoiler) - here's your chance to clean out the garage and get some bucks back. Would also be interested in a rear valence, if you have a set you want to get rid of - or you took off...
1-2 of 2 Results