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    Hello, I'm looking to buy a FOB. We only got one when we purchased the car, used. Please send a PM if you have one compatible with a 2005 450. Thanks! Steve
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    So as you guys may or not know, I am the official President of the Connecticut chapter. Since I am in a state where not many smart owners are signed up on any forum for smart cars, I have a steep hill to climb, but I am very determined. I have ideas of my own of how to get members to...
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    Just bought a 2008 451 hit in the front end. Looking for anything for the front end plus a drivers side air bag. fenders, bumper cover, headlights, fog lights, etc.
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    Hello- I'm a transplant from the Old Country, home of the SMART, and very excited that the SMART finally made its way over here! Turning 60 next April, I WILL have a (pre-owned) SMART by then! It'll be - most likely - a METALLIC BLUE one with SILVER FRAME, it MUST have heated seats (living in...
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    Howdy all! This is Ricky Bobby from Texas! I'm lookin' to do a busa conversion. Anyone have an old car that needs an engine or transmission for cheeeeeeppppppp?