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  1. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Hi all, I’m new around these parts and hoping y’all can help. I’m in the market for a fortwo with true manual transmission (not the clutchless SmartShift situation often marked as “manual” on car sites). Hard to find, as I know others have discussed. I’ve been on all the websites, am pounding...
  2. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Hello, Hope you all can be of help and that I’m not violating any forum rules by posting a wanted ad! I am moving back to the US after 6 years in the Netherlands and am desperate to buy a Smart for my return home. I’ll be in the country as of the end of this month and have just started my search...
  3. smart Parts Marketplace
    Hello, I'm looking to buy a FOB. We only got one when we purchased the car, used. Please send a PM if you have one compatible with a 2005 450. Thanks! Steve
  4. smart General Discussion
    So as you guys may or not know, I am the official President of the Connecticut chapter. Since I am in a state where not many smart owners are signed up on any forum for smart cars, I have a steep hill to climb, but I am very determined. I have ideas of my own of how to get members to...
  5. storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    Just bought a 2008 451 hit in the front end. Looking for anything for the front end plus a drivers side air bag. fenders, bumper cover, headlights, fog lights, etc.
  6. New Members Area
    Hello- I'm a transplant from the Old Country, home of the SMART, and very excited that the SMART finally made its way over here! Turning 60 next April, I WILL have a (pre-owned) SMART by then! It'll be - most likely - a METALLIC BLUE one with SILVER FRAME, it MUST have heated seats (living in...
  7. New Members Area
    Howdy all! This is Ricky Bobby from Texas! I'm lookin' to do a busa conversion. Anyone have an old car that needs an engine or transmission for cheeeeeeppppppp?
1-7 of 10 Results