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  1. 2015 smart fortwo - known issues?

    smart General Discussion
    Hello friends! I've had my 2015 smart fortwo for a couple weeks now and I LOVE it! I'm now looking at extended warranties because I'm scared to death something will happen to it that will end up costing an arm and a leg. Does anyone know of any known issues with the 2015 smart fortwo's that...
  2. Manufacturer's Warranty

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hey guys! My 2013 Smart ED is coming to the end of the 4 year warranty in November. I just bought it last month and it only has 12k miles. I imagine not much (if anything) will be warranty worthy. I took it in for it's first service at the MB dealer two weeks ago and I asked the service...
  3. Rear windshield wiper system broken? Warranty after 1 yr?

    smart General Discussion
    2013 Passion, 10K. I bought the car used at 8K and noticed just now that when I attempt to spray the rear windshield wiper fluid, the fluid just 'bursts out' underneath the rear left wheel. I suspect some tubing/connector is broken/stuck. Since the car is under 12K but over the 1 year on...
  4. Extended Maintenance Warranty from smart

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    Hey, I have found Beshoff Motorcars and brought my smart (Lucy) to get her first 10,000 mile check up. They will NOT accept the extended maintenance warranty I bought from smart of Stevens Creek. They did the oil change and something else that they would accept as part of the warranty. The air...
  5. Extended Service Contract Expiring - advice?

    smart General Discussion
    Hi All, My 'warranty' (extended service contract) is up in April, yep - 5 years already! Is there anything I should be on the look out for? Any 'common' problems? My heater blower is acting up so I am going to have that replaced. I am also going to ask about replacing the 'sunroof'...
  6. Has anyone else had problem with check engine light?

    smart General Discussion
    :( Since September our 2009 Smart Cabriole has been in the shop over 65 days. Each time they return it, the check engine light comes on within a day or two of normal driving. The dealer says it has replaced the engine control module twice and a wiring harness. Frankly, I want to trade the car...
  7. 2012 Warranty 4 Year or 50,000 Miles

    smart News & Rumors
    Just found out, in case no one posted, Mercedes has now extended the Warranty on 2012 Smart Cars to 4 Years or 50,000 miles.
  8. Micro Car Warranty Comparisons

    smart General Discussion
    I did some research and plan to keep this updated. I took the time to do a side by side comparison on the warranties of all the 'micro cars': Micro Car Warranty Comparison Chart I am under the impression that SmartUSA is working on improving the warranty, but nothing official has been...
  9. Warranty

    New Members Area
    Here is my questiion in telegraphic english: The dealer says that it is the earlier of "2 years or 24,000 miles" - in other words, WHICH EVER COMES FIRST. (THIS CAR ilesis 28 months old but has 3k miles) Seller says whichever comes later. Hi smartcar geeks and geniuses: who is right?? :)
  10. Is a muffler covered with the warranty?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have 2008 smart passion. I purchased the extended warranty which covers me for 5 years/75,000 miles. I have 35,000 on it now, so the warranty is still good. I have what sounds like a pinhole in either the muffler or an exhaust pipe and will be taking my car in next week. I can get an...
  11. The worst car i've ever owned

    smart General Discussion
    My ex bought the smart fortwo passion I now have to drive because we lived in Manhattan and for space reasons, he thought it was a good idea. For parking purposes it's actually not bad (aside from the giant blind spot). Everything else about the car is just appalling, most of all SMART the...
  12. Smart Pure Coupe - Cracked Roof Panel

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have a 2008 Smart Pure Coupe. It is the one with the black composite roof and not the panoramic transparent roof. 1 week before I hit my 24,000 Warranty expiration, I was washing the car and noticed some small hairline cracks in the black roof panel. One of them is about 18 inches long, and...
  13. Passenger Brake Caliper not fully releasing

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Greetings Everyone, I have an interesting issue. The passenger disc brake caliper is not fully releasing causing the brake pads to rub the rotor. This is very apparent when driving under 10mph. To confirm this I put my 09 Passion Coup up on the lift and the drivers front wheel made no noise...
  14. How I got my clutch replaced - for those having problems

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Well, after 9 months of dealing with intermittent reverse problems, and two dealerships (neither one where I bought it) unable to replicate, I found the posts on this site about the clutch problems in some 2008 builds. 2 weeks before warranty was out, I went back to my local dealer for the...
  15. service survey from smart HQ today

    smart General Discussion
    Hi, I did a search for survey and didn't see this topic so I apologize ahead of time if I missed it. smart HQ sent me a service survey today asking about my service visit last week. I took the car in for its 23 month warranty checkup. My rear hatch had water in it, the transmission often stuck...
  16. Thinking of buy a smart, but have questions... (re: reliability, handling, warranty)

    New Members Area
    I'm considering purchasing either a fortwo or a MINI. I've taken both cars for a test drive and would be happy with either one. I'm just wondering if anyone here has spent considerable time with both cars and can share their experience. I'm finding it very hard to make a choice just based on my...
  17. Under seat wiring short

    smart General Discussion
    Hey everybody, On Sunday while driving the twisties of So. Cal. my beloved Charlie up and died on me. The tale of the adventures of getting Roadside Assistance and a flatbed tow in the sticks where there is no cell coverage is a tale for another day. The bottom line is I had a short in the...
  18. new smartie in SF

    New Members Area
    Hi everyone! just took delivery of a passion with leather in san francisco. As I was parking in front of my place, one of my neighbors comes out and asks - wait for it - "is it electric?" I wonder what the record is for the shortest time after driving off the lot and getting this...
  19. Extended Service Warranties

    New Members Area
    Looking for recommendations on extended service warranties/mechanical breakdown insurance. Many companies such as GEICO do not cover the Smart car for 2009, but may do so in the future.
  20. Post Your Warranty Claims

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    These are great cars & we love 'em, but they're not perfect... Let's start a list of warranty claims for service needs and/or failed parts that require(d) a trip to the dealer. What failed? Approximate age/mileage? Dealer service dept. rating: A, B, C, D, F This can be a good, running...