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  1. Smart Car Bigger Wheels

    smart General Discussion
    Hey all! I know similar questions have been asked before, but I would love if someone could put my mind at ease lol. I just bought some used tires and rims for my 2009 Pure. The rims I got are OZ Racing X2 Wheels which are 6.5 at the back and 5.5 at the front (instead of 5.5 at back and 4.5 at...
  2. For Sale: 17 inch lorinser wheels 3x112

    smart Parts Marketplace
    17 inch lorinser wheels 3x112 $600 Up for grabs is a decent set of 3x112 wheels for a Smart Fortwo. Wheels have very light lip bends in some spots. Nothing major. Or extreme. Can easily be refinished or left as is because it isn’t really noticeable as you can see in photos. Brabus and lorinser...
  3. Wanted: 15"F17"R Wheels

    smart Parts Marketplace
    I am looking to put a nice set of allow wheels on my 2012, I would like to have a 17 Inch on the back and 15 inch on the front. Please offer what you have for sale! Thank you:D
  4. For Sale: x2 BLACK FRONT WHEELS OEM 2010 Fortwo Passion Cabrio

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Rockin' all 4's so now I have two spare front wheels. Great condition, took off the car at about 30k. One owner (the dealership) before me so everything about this car is in tip-top shape. These are the ORIGINAL OEM narrow front wheels in black. Located in Southbury, CT. Willing to meet or...
  5. Wanted: 15" wheel upgrade!

    smart Parts Marketplace
    [DONE] 15" wheel upgrade! Every day I have to look at these steelies with wheel covers I die a little on the inside. I promised myself I wouldn't go nuts since it's a lease.. but.. but.. :) I'd obviously kill for a set of Gunmetal 15" Genius Darwins, but I'd be happy with some 9 or 12 spokes...
  6. Carlsson Wheels on ebay!

    smart General Discussion
    If anyone was looking to upgrade their wheel size, and well make their car look sweet I found these carlsson wheels on ebay cheap Carlsson Smart Wheels 1 11 EVO Be 16" Front 17" Rear | eBay I bought them for $400+like 150 shipping but now they are cheaper, I have them on my car right now...
  7. For Sale: 16" Work Meister S! polished finish with tires. $2400 91101 pasadena,ca

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Finally ready to sell my 16" work meister s1. $2400 Clean set, Custom ordered direct from Work wheels japan. At most very minor dings and dents. Needs to be polished. Had them professionally done every other year since new and its time again. Instead I have decided on a new look. I have been...
  8. For Sale: 2009 Brabus wheels with TPMS for sale (SOLD)

    smart Parts Marketplace
    I am selling the wheels from my 2009 Brabus. 15 inch fronts, 17 inch rears. They will come just as I took them off the car, complete with TPMS and the tires still on the rims. The front tires still have plenty of life left and the rims are in VERY good condition. The rear tires need replaced...
  9. 15s all around on an 09 Brabus?

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Thanks to our wonderful Illinois winter roads, I had a rear Brabus wheel go down last weekend. My thought is going aftermarket 15's all the way around, both for the added rubber to avoid doing this again, and being able to rotate tires from now on. Any issues I need to be aware of by making...
  10. Lift kit/tire confusion

    smart Modifications
    I'm so confused over my prospective lift and tire change. I've called daystar, smart madness and tire rack and haven't found an answer. I've searched this forum and have more of a clue. I figure a direct question would be the way to go. I'm wanting more ground clearance for the flooded...
  11. BRABUS Wheel Giveaway

    smart General Discussion
    Hey SCoA, We're giving away a set of the gloss black 15” BRABUS rims with tires on sUSAi. They are brand new and never put on a car. The set includes two 4.5”x15” front rims (part number A451 401 39 02) and two 5.5”x15” rear rims (part number A451 401 4002). They will have the proper 155/60...
  12. Tire wear... is this normal..

    Modifications and Repairs
    I have a 2005 Smart Cabrio,(450 turbo) S. Mann modified.. how much still unknown. strikeline wheels, 175/55 15 brigstones front and rear 195/50 15 in the rear, problem is i drive rather hard on it.. and the front tires are wearing on the INSIDE ... is this because of my driving? or...
  13. Wanted: 2 Rear OEM 451 Passion wheels

    smart Parts Marketplace
    2 Rear OEM 451 Passion wheels... please?
  14. low-end wheels

    smart Wheels & Tires
    I am looking to replace my 2008 ForTwo wheels & tires with (guessing here) all-around 195/50 winter tires. I have 94k on these tires (still have tread, no uneven wear, never been balanced/aligned) but would like a bit better handling in MD snow/ice. Not looking for 'fancy/chrome/wow-factor' -...
  15. Pure wheel covers- did you ever notice...

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    After 3 years, I've just noticed that the "spokes" of my Pure wheel covers angle backward on the driver side and forward on the passenger side! It is now disturbing me more than one could imagine! :eek: This was a pet peeve on a 92 Lexus with the unidirectional wheels years ago when the...
  16. Lightshine with Brabus wheels?

    smart General Discussion
    I've noticed that in stock photos and advertisements, the Lightshine is pictured with these wheels: However, the Lightshine that I'm buying tomorrow and other Lightshines at dealerships I've seen photos of all have Brabus wheels, complete with the B in the center and the Brabus logo on the...
  17. New Decorsas

    New Decorsas

    I can finally rotate my tires!
  18. Finally Front 2ForTwo Looks More Industrial! (DeCorsa Wheels)

    smart Wheels & Tires
    I was on a business trip to LA and I decided to drive (I live in SF). I chose driving since it is only a bit longer door-to-door than flying, and I could finally visit SmartMadness. I knew going in the dangers of visiting them from previous forum posts. Going into their shop with the intention...
  19. New Member

    New Members Area
    Hello from Genius Wheels exclusively engineered for the Smart Car!
  20. ForTwo 16" Rims

    storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    Looking for a set of 4: 16" Rims for a ForTwo Cabrio (450) - or for - 16" Rims for a 451 that can be mounted on a 450 with add-on 35mm spacers. Military stationed overseas with an FPO address, so shipping would be required but should be same price as shipping within US. * New to...