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  1. 451
    Recently I hit a deer with a 2009 coupe, when highway patrol showed up the window would not roll down. When I fixed everything with the body I tried both windows and the driver side still wont work but the passenger side does. I also hear a clicking sound when I use the switch. I took off the...
  2. Modifications and Repairs
    The temperature's warming up so I've finally had a few days to peel the top back on my 2006 Cabrio. Today when I was pulling out of the driveway the top came down fine, but the windows didn't budge. They worked fine yesterday. Anyone come across this, or know troubleshooting I can do? I'm...
  3. Florida Chapter
    hi. i live in Orlando, fl and i just got my smart... where is a good shop or person for tinting window for smart? please help.. thanks franco
  4. Wraps, Paint & Trim
    Lu and I are a two-smart couple (some might just call us too smart), and I'm excited to reveal the first pics of Lu's Smart, Esperta, with its new partial wrap for her business. Check'em out :) I did the design using the Gimp, and the window wrap and decal were done at Signographics, a...
1-5 of 5 Results