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  1. Winter Tires

    Connecticut Chapter
    For anyone looking for winter tires, I posted in the parts for sale section. You can avoid shipping and/or sales tax buying these nearly-new tires. Tim
  2. Continental ContiWinter Contact Tires

    smart Parts Marketplace
    I have a set of 4 nearly brand new Continental ContiWinter Contact tires 2x 155/60-15 2x 175/55-15 It probably makes the most sense for a local buyer in the greater NYC/NJ/Western CT area, but maybe there's a shipping option that's not too expensive. I'm asking $320 for the set and I'll throw...
  3. Cool Canadian Smart Event

    smart News & Rumors
    Read an article about a cool event done by Smart in Canada to show off the ESP--they had a closed course on ice that they let attendees (smart owners and potential buyers) drive on. By the looks of things many were impressed...
  4. Winter engine start up

    smart General Discussion
    In the cold of winter do I need to start my smart and let it warm up? And also if I start my smart and go back in the house will the doors lock? And how well do the heated seats and heater work? And are the mirrors heated? Jeremy
  5. Year 'Round Drivers in Calgary Winters

    Canada Chapter
    Hey everyone, I am very seriously debating purchasing a Smart. I do however have a few concerns about the bitter cold winters here in Calgary, Alberta. If you are from Calgary and drive your Smart year round, could you give me some feedback on its performance and possible problems? I do...
  6. Green Diamond Tires

    smart Wheels & Tires
    I am very interested in using Green Diamond Tires for winter. Problem is they don't manufacture OE sizes for smart 451. If you are interested, would you do what I have done, and email Rich (the head honcho) and ask that they manufacture our smart sizes? [email protected] The...
  7. Happy Holidays To Everyone

    Happy Holidays To Everyone

    Blue smart