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  1. 453
    This is getting frustrating. The first year the automatic wipers seem to work correctly and I would normally leave them on all time without fail. But last several months, they have become erratic. Light rain, they work correctly and then just start going faster and faster to the point I have...
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    $15 dollar rebate offer from ANCO - Contour Rock Auto sells them for $25~ for a set after shipping. :) $25 - $15 (rebate) = $10 for new wipers!
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    My windshield washer fluid wouldn't work, now I can't close my top, and the satellite radio and my Bluetooth (add ons) won't work and now my wipers don't work. HELP. Something happened to the electrical items that are down the center of my 2008 Smart. Any ideas what's going on. Can't drive it...
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    The intermittent wipers on my 2009 smart have stopped working. When I push the wiper arm down one notch (to intermittent position), the wipers go to slow speed, even with a dry windshield. Is there an easy fix for this? I don't know if I have a bad sensor, a bad connection somewhere, or a bad...
  5. New Members Area
    Good Day, A few days ago, my wipers, heated seats, internal air circulation, & rear window defogger all stopped working. I checked the fuses for the wipers and heated seats and they are fine. Anybody have any ideas on what might be wrong? I'm about 90 miles away from the nearest dealer and...
  6. Interior & Exterior
    Replaced the wipers today. Rather than use a 21" and a 22" blade, I installed two 22" blades. Now when I buy refills, which usually come in a two pack, I can use both of them...
1-6 of 6 Results