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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hello, I got p0805 (clutch actuator fault) and I bought a new one from ebay. At first, neither moved. Then I fiddled with the connector and broke the locks. Also broke the tiny rubber boots that protect the terminals from water. Afterwards, actuation was successful (I'm using mb star)...
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Has anyone had the antenna booster go out on their smart? This would be the power module that is behind the front left quarter panel. I ask because my reception went to hell about 3 months ago, around the same time my fuel pump went out actually. I know the Smart never had great reception in...
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Had the battery and driver's side low beam bulb replaced this evening in our 2008 Cabrio. Now the following don't work: - Instrument cluster (no illumination, or warning lights) - Speedometer - High beams - Turn Signals - Speedometer - Tachometer - Clock The car starts and runs; low beams...
  4. smart Towing
    New owner, getting Blue Ox baseplate and wiring harness installed next Wednesday. Will also ask to have a battery disconnect switch but where to mount it? Do members have such a switch and is it ossicle to mount inside the glove compartment. Thinking this might be good spot.
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    We just brought our 2010 Smart Coupe home yesterday. One of the issues with it is that the drivers side headlight doesn't work. Unfortunately it's not going to be a quick fix, somebody had jerry-rigged the socket with a replacement and the wires were scorched. I fixed that mess but there's...
  6. Audio & Video
    Hello, this is my first time here. My father and I have been trying to hook up a Bazooka basstube with their FAST adapter, unfortunately I don't have the harness wiring color schemes (pinouts) to know what is what on a 2013 Electric Drive Smart. All the examples I have found on the forums look...
  7. Drl's Not Working

    Here are some detail pictures of the lights and wires
  8. Drl's Not Working

    Here are some detail pictures of the lights and wires
  9. Drl's Not Working

    Here are some detail pictures of the lights and wires
  10. New Members Area
    I want to put a GForce chip in my 2009 Passion and I need to know which wires go to the iat sensor. Any suggestion as to how to best do this?
  11. Audio & Video
    For anyone buying the Metra Turbo Wire Harness adapter from Smart Madness, or other sources (Part Number 70-1783) Be advised it will not work out of the package. Apparently smart moved some wires around. You will need to relocate the Orange (Dim) and Red (IGN) wires to land into the car's...
  12. smart Towing
    Hi all, Let me start by saying that I have scoured the forums and the web trying to find answers to my questions, but have only found a lot of vague references. So, I'm not posting these questions without having tried to find the answers first. First off, what is the "unofficial" towing...
  13. Audio & Video
    Is there any installation tips for connecting the reverse sensor wire or running the RCA plug for the reverse camera to a Kenwood? I've read on some posts that splicing into the reverse wire behind the rear left lights is best, and I can see those wires, but are there any helpful tips for...
  14. smart General Discussion
    Hey everybody, On Sunday while driving the twisties of So. Cal. my beloved Charlie up and died on me. The tale of the adventures of getting Roadside Assistance and a flatbed tow in the sticks where there is no cell coverage is a tale for another day. The bottom line is I had a short in the...
  15. smart Towing
    I spent seven hours at Roadmaster in Portland (this is the factory) having tow brackets installed (that was the easy part). They were also wiring the tail lights into the motorhome harness for me and after five hours, couldn't make it work. Something about a feedback circuit that was created...
1-15 of 15 Results