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  1. Wraps, Paint & Trim
    Smart now offers several body wraps in various styles. Has anyone actually gotten their smart wrapped by the dealer with one of these?
  2. My Moving Billboard

    Great way to get the word out
  3. My Moving Billboard

    Great way to get the word out
  4. My Moving Billboard

    Great way to get the word out
  5. Special Plates

    got my plates for the 2010 world micro/mini car meet in chicago, got #42! (only 50 sets of plates were stamped/issued)
  6. Smart Road Rally

    Smart Road Rally 11/16/08 From Smart Center Edison NJ to Asbury Park NJ
  7. Wraps, Paint & Trim
    I'm a graphic designer and would love to design my own wraps for my smart fortwo...does anyone know where you can find templates for each panel? Thanks
  8. Wraps, Paint & Trim
    Does anyone out there pay for advertising on your smart? Who do we contact?
  9. New Members Area
    I wonder if thats actually an offer someone makes to Smart car owners... And just how much an advertising wrap might go for... I just "Took Delivery" of my Metallic Silver (with black Cell and red interior:D) Yesterday!! And driving this thing around is already practically like being part of a...
  10. New Members Area
    I just placed my reservation last week. Still haven't heard back on it. I'm getting a Red/Black/Leather one. I'm also looking for someone to pay for some "ad space" - I'll wrap it if the price is right. I drive over 50,000 miles a year in Utah and neighboring states. Contact me for more...
  11. Florida Chapter
    I'll be picking my car up late tomorrow atfer having it wrapped,I got the 1st picture of it ,posted it in the gallery under wrapped cars ,can't wait to start bringing it to some of the bay area events, hope to be in tampa on the 16th of august
1-12 of 16 Results