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  1. Accident
    Tonight me and my husband were on our way to dinner and I honestly cannot tell you how or why, but I rear ended a Chevrolet Silverado. The police estimated that the speed of impact was somewhere between 35-40 mph. Immediately after hitting the truck the cabin was FILLED with airbag dust...
  2. smart General Discussion
    Lady stopped short at a red light in the rain and slid into her going 1 mph didnt leave a dent on her car but as you can see from the pictures tore off my front bumper. i called the local mercedes dealership and the guy working told me "i am kinda new to ordering smart car parts we dont get many...
  3. Doug Thorley New Exhaust

    My Silent DTH version rusted through, so NIck finally sent me the latest version under warranty !
  4. New Members Area
    After months of watching the youtube videos, reading all the smart car forums, and saving every smart car photo I could possibly google on an iphone, I headed to the big D smart center to make my purchase! A few hours later, BAM! Rear ended just outside Galleria Dallas. I couldn't believe it...
  5. My Smart With "dethleffs Kids And Camp"

    Caravan made by Dethleffs Caravans GMBH
  6. smart General Discussion
    The dealership estimated the damage to make it look perfect again would have been around ten grand in parts (plus labor), much of that would not have been needed, since I consider blemishes to not be a problem... The insurence has declared it a total lose, and is repaying me around 12 or 13...
  7. smart General Discussion
    So, my 2008 Smart Passion was just rear-ended. The road became slippery during a surprise hail-storm, and a large delivery truck slid and rear-ended me at low speed (probably less than 20 mph). As soon as I download some cellphone pictures I took of the accident, I'll share them. In the...
  8. smart General Discussion
    This concerns a Smart Passion Cabriolet that was involved in a wreck. The car was purchased in August and was involved in an accident on November 2008. According to the driver, she was struck directly behind her driver's door after someone ran a red light at an intersection. Her Smart went...
  9. smart General Discussion
    That is the bad news. The good news is that it seemed to mostly get the trid. The windshield is smashed and the side view mirror is gone and the airbag light is on. Off to the body shop now......for the long wait for parts. Meaux :)
  10. smart Gallery
    What can I say, I really feel safe in the smart!
  11. Smart Car Wreck - Don't Mess With The Smart

    The SMART Fortwo takes another enemy!
  12. Smart Car Wreck - Don't Mess With The Smart

    The SMART Fortwo takes another enemy!
  13. Sparky20708's Deer Vs Smart

    sparky20708's Smart with 400 miles on it.
  14. Sparky20708's Deer Vs Smart

    sparky20708's Smart with 400 miles on it.
  15. Sparky20708's Deer Vs Smart

    sparky20708's Smart with 400 miles on it.
  16. smart General Discussion
    :( Well, I dreaded this moment and hoped I would never have to deal with it but here it is. While I was waiting at a red light a brand new Mercedes, parked in a diagonal spot to the right, backs up without looking and hits my passenger side rear panel. Scraped the paint off the edge. It doesn't...
  17. smart Operation and Maintenance
    So right since I got my car, there has been a major buzzing sound at certain RPM's (and certain frequencies after I put my sub in). When I say major, I mean really loud, and very abrasive. When I got a check engine light after the 1st 150 miles, I noted that to the dealer as I dropped the car...
  18. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Ok, for those who personally saw the damage to my smart's front right headlight and panel... Total cost of repairs: Front fender $180.06 Headlamp 263.34 clear mask 65.00 labor/supplies 217.73 Total <drumroll> $726.13 She's so happy not to have a goofy-eye anymore. Driving the rental...
  19. smart General Discussion
    Full Story: My opinion: the car did awesome and since its a 450 I know that the 451 would do even better with the added length. Another great wreck for smart!
1-20 of 24 Results