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wrench -1 after-starting

  1. Hello! New Here. I had my smart for a year.

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    Just saying howdy! My first message here. I have a 2009 passion coupe red with black. on January 26 it will be a year since I got it. The maintenance wrench sign is flashing when I turn it on with a -16 number, and it's counting up the "-" number every once in a while. Does it mean I need an...
  2. Wrench and -1 on panel after starting!

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    Completely out of the blue, I've got the little-wrench-icon and a -1 showing up where the odometer is for about 10 seconds after I start the car. This is the wrench without the line-through-it. Nothing seems to be wrong. It's shifting o.k. Hooked up a handheld OBD diagnostic tool and its not...