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  1. smart General Discussion
    Soon I will be making my way from North Carolina to Oregon in my Smart. Has anyone endured similar drives? Any concerns I should have beforehand? Also has anyone used the Yakima roof racks for luggage? How was the drag? Gas mileage? Thanks!
  2. Smart Passion With Yakima Roof Rack

    Just installed the Rack with the specifications from Yakima...
  3. Batsmart Roof

    Smart Cars at SEMA 2008
  4. smart Modifications
    With the challenge of finding a bike rack, functional (not ugly), I found a use for my trunk mounted Thule bike rack (used for folding the rack up and down). By adding two Yakima Raptor Mounts, 5/8" ACME threaded rod (which is nearly identical to the tow thread), cotter pin, etc... a hack saw...
1-4 of 4 Results