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Hello Everyone,
This is my first Post as I do not own a smart car yet but I'm looking at buying one for trips back and forth to work.
Anyways my question is I found a 05 with 105000km's on it and has just had the timing chain and a few other things done for maintenace and then the turbo went and the Merc dealer told him that it was going to cost $3800 to replace the turbo. He said he would sell it to my for $1500.
There is a few questions I was hoping to get answered before I bought the car.
1. What is the normal cost of an aftermarket mainfold/turbo for the cdi?
2. I'm in Ontario and I was wondering if there was anywhere here that I could get one?
3. what type of turbo is it? GTXXX

Any info would be great,

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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