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I have for sale my 09 fortwo passion. No dash lights I've replaced the alternator and fuel pump myself, new-ish rear tires (less than 2kmiles), had an alignment done and had an inspection and recall parts replacement done at the mercedes dealwership a few days ago where they told me what i already knew; gonna need new front tires and another alignment, the muffler is loud and loose.
149 thousand miles on it and it runs great and strong, had regular oil, oil filter, and other maintainance done when needed. will come with spare wheel, jack, and a tool kit. This car made it to Colorado, driven in the mountains for six months, and made it back to chicago and i trust it to keep chugging along. On the drive home though i smacked a coyote that jumped out and it destroyed the front left bottom of the bumper and set alignment off a bit but not very noticable as I completed the rest of my 9hour trip that morning. btoh rear wheels have dents as well

Ideally i want to keep it and later engine swap but i want to keep traveling and while this car is very capable of long distance travel it's not the comfiest ride. mix of dented wheels, alignment, strong winds, the car being small, no cruise control meant it shook going over 80mph was hard to keep straight in windy areas and i had to counter steer like crazy. Of course it didnt have enough room either.

For prospective buyers I can offer video call inspections for a better look, I'm also willing to drive it to the buyer at not extra charge if within 500 miles of 46394 (with a deposit or something so im not wasting time and gas)

more pictures on request
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