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Hello everyone,
I just love my 1st smart sooo much that I bought a second smart car..... from another insurance auction.....minor damage but still in excellent rebuildable condition with only 250 original miles on the clock.

I need the following parts for the front passenger side.....
Steering wheel air bag....front fender (blue).....headlight assembly.....upper impact absorber.....bumper and absorbers.....a/c condenser....radiator.....plastic water overflow bottle....plastic fan shield.....lower black valance.....and all grill pieces.....also a front crossmember and a-arm and spindle assembly.

Sounds like a lot of damage but most parts are still good enough to re-use other than scrapes and scratches.....but if I can find someone that has a car with a rear collision that would make me a good deal on the whole package then please e-mail me at [email protected] or calling 253-350-7520 (no sunday calls please)

Thanks to all who can send me any info
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