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12V battery replacement ...

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Hello people.

Given the fact this vehicle needs a reliable replacement 12V battery I "by accident" found a special one @ a good price.
It seems to be the right one given the fact it is a LIFEPO4 one, but who knows?
Lithium battery LiFePO4 BS Battery BSLi-02 12V-140A, 2Ah by BS Battery.
Here's the link to its price, pic and specifications:
I am also showing pix of it from their web site.
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How about it?

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I understand that, but do we really need a higher amperage battery, given the fact this car has no starter to drain a lot of juice?
You may need a higher amp hour capability if you are not allowing enough time to fully recharge between starts. If, for example, you are doing multiple stops shopping at stores within a few miles of each other, then the car won't have sufficient time to recharge the battery back to the energy level lost each time you started it. The amount of time varies, depending on battery temperature as well as how low the voltage drops. It seems to me at the minimum, it needs at least 10 minutes. At the max, for normal depletion, 45 minutes. A large amp hr rating will let you do all your starts and still get you safely home. Even if you haven't given it enough time to bring the energy level back. And once you plug in and recharge from an outlet, your starter battery will be brought back to best voltage overnight with the main battery pack.
Also, how do you know the battery management system will work correctly for a LiFePo4 battery, when it was intended for a lead/acid battery? The amp and voltage charging levels might not be acceptable, and how about load leveling and balancing? That's important for lithium, but not for leadacid.
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Even the website posted about the battery,, the video there recommends NOT to use the lead/acid rectifiier regulator (i.e the battery's BMS) on the lifepo4 battery, where even if the voltage is 1/2v higher than recommended could be hazardous. So even the website expresses concern.
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The scooter’s charging system never went over 13.5 which was in the scope of the recommended voltage from the manufacturer for the battery(14 volts was the max)
But the fire risk is real and really scary when they do go up.
I noticed just the other day I had 14.67v on the battery in my smart while it was plugged in charging the mains.

Lebikerboy, does the LiFePO4 battery you have in your smart have a maximum acceptable voltage?
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