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12V battery replacement ...

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Hello people.

Given the fact this vehicle needs a reliable replacement 12V battery I "by accident" found a special one @ a good price.
It seems to be the right one given the fact it is a LIFEPO4 one, but who knows?
Lithium battery LiFePO4 BS Battery BSLi-02 12V-140A, 2Ah by BS Battery.
Here's the link to its price, pic and specifications:
I am also showing pix of it from their web site.
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How about it?

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Be careful with those lithium batteries.
I used one in my scooter and it did great till one day I was riding and heard a pop and seen smoke behind me.
Managed to get the battery out before it caught my scooter on fire.
It was just out of warranty when it went up in smoke.
Been a bit weary about getting another one since.
I’ve got pics of the battery if anyone wants to see it.
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this is the battery after it decided to go up in smoke.
Thankfully my scooter is fine aside from some light damage to the battery compartment.
I’ve wanted to get another one but the cost is more then I want to spend on a new battery for for it.(the label burned itself to the battery compartment of the scooter which I haven’t messed with to see if I can remove it.
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The brand of the battery is mmg lithium and it was designed to be a drop in replacement (meaning the management was built into the battery)
Unfortunately no it did this literally days after the warranty was up.
My buddy thinks it was a defective battery.
I have dealt with lithium batteries before for hobby r/c and never had one go like this one did.
I know the construction of them are a bit different in the chemicals but still I found it odd when I seen many having good results from them.
The scooter’s charging system never went over 13.5 which was in the scope of the recommended voltage from the manufacturer for the battery(14 volts was the max)
But the fire risk is real and really scary when they do go up.
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That’s awfully close to being risky for a lithium battery.
You would probably need a stand alone management for the battery to prevent overcharging.
Yea that’s why I pulled the battery before it could take my scooter with it when it went up.
I’m not sure if I’ll get another one or not(price is keeping me from doing it given what I’ve had happen with the last one)
Being in the pc repair business I got a kick out of that.
I can’t count the times I’ve had to replace a computer power supply.
Just proves stuff doesn’t like fluctuations in voltage.
^ agreed.
Having some stuff computer controlled is good but most of the times it is not.
I am glad my radio clock syncs to my phones clock so it’s always correct.(it works with Apple CarPlay)
Ice= internal combustion engine.
Ev= electric vehicle.
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