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12V battery replacement ...

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Hello people.

Given the fact this vehicle needs a reliable replacement 12V battery I "by accident" found a special one @ a good price.
It seems to be the right one given the fact it is a LIFEPO4 one, but who knows?
Lithium battery LiFePO4 BS Battery BSLi-02 12V-140A, 2Ah by BS Battery.
Here's the link to its price, pic and specifications:
I am also showing pix of it from their web site.
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How about it?

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I've been using a LiFePO4 battery in our 2017 ED for almost a year now and have experienced no problems whatsoever.
It's important to remember that the starter battery is only used for a brief time during start up and then begins to charge
from the H/V pack as required. However a 2 amp hour motorcycle battery just isn't going to cut it in my opinion.
My battery is a 38 amp hour and fits perfectly in the OEM space provided. Even Tesla's use a LiFePO as replacements
which are lower in Amp Hours than the factory provided versions...Also, some manufacturers' now fit LiFePO4 as standard.
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That relates to a motorcycle's regulator. My LiFePO battery has it's own internal BMS which negates
any overcharging concerns...
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I noticed just the other day I had 14.67v on the battery in my smart while it was plugged in charging the mains.

Lebikerboy, does the LiFePO4 battery you have in your smart have a maximum acceptable voltage?
Whatever maximum voltage input is programmed into the BMS which, I believe is 14.0 volts...
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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