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1. No. They are just checking the tires like anyone should do. The TPMS is not intended to replace regular pressure checks.

2. This was just a minor firmware update - it improves the accuracy of the "range left" indicator I think.

3. It is not a red flag - only an indication that you should ask the dealer to do a battery condition check (takes just a couple minutes) before you decide to buy. A good pack should not be much below 50AH of capacity at the worst.

4. Yes, the BAP includes an annual battery check. Assuming this car is selling for the going very low market prices I've been seeing in the eastern US (about $6K), I'm not so sure the BAP is a good value. Read the fine print carefully - under some BAP agreements, you are stuck with the monthly payments unless you cough up a lump-sum $5000.
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