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17 Darwin wheel/tire set for trade

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4 Black Darwin 17” X 6” rims with Yokohama S Drive Tires (195/40 R17) shown on top available for trade. I am looking for a full set of stock Design 5 Smart wheels the 195/50 tires on the rear 6.5 inch wheels must have decent tread life left and rims must have no pothole bends for a straight trade. The Darwin set is in NYC will deliver and pick up the Design 5 rims within 150 miles of NYC.

The Darwin set have been on my car to test and are very well balanced ran up to 90 MPH on highway with total smooth rolling, no wandering no vibration. The look is just not where I am going with the vision for my Smart. If i was to get a second Smart right now I would Keep them and build the vision of that car around these wheels. So I am less interested in selling them at the moment then trading them for for the wheel set I want.

I if i see you on the street with the design 5 wheels set I will ask on the spot if you want to roll to a tire shop to swap wheel sets.
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...rim size on the Design 5?...'re not saying..
the design 5 stock wheels are 15 inches. I am interested in the 6.5 inch rears with the 195/50 tires and the 5.0 inch fronts mine had the 165/60 tires there is also a 4.5 wheel if the fronts form the trade are 4.5 type one will become a spare. I have little interest in the narrow front tires on the 5.0 rims or 4.5 rims.

In this deal I would end up with.

My own 6.5 repaired wheels with 195/50 tires
The traded 6.5 wheels with my 195/60 tires
The traded for set of 5.0 wheels with 195/50 tire just because
one behind the seat spare out of one of my 5.0 wheels with some as yet unbought skinny tire.

one front rim and two skinny front tires to unload for something or other.

If the 4.5 wheels are received in the trade one would be my spare one would be sold as a spare

The Darwins set is complete with Smart TPM sensors on all tires
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