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Gonna sell or trade my '17 Cabrio with 60k on the clock. I'm quite firm at $11k, as I paid just under $13k for it about a year ago. It's solid, no issues of any kind no smokers and no pets Clean as a whistle. I am selling because I want a Jeep Wrangler to pull, launch, and recover a 25' boat. I would be interested in a 2dr Wrangler of more, less, or similar value. My car is located in Tallahassee, FL, and of course it has never seen salty roads.

Before this I owned an '08 Cabrio. The difference in the two cars is night and day. The 451 is a nice city car. The 453 is pretty much like any other car these days cruise control, etc. Completely capable of interstate speeds and then some. And unlike other cars, delivers 45 mpg at interstate speeds. Instrumentation is awesome, the radio is great and is blue tooth. Love listening to books on my iPhone through the Smarties speakers. If I had room for five cars at my home, I would probably never sell the Smartie. (my household has four cars, including the Smartie. no more room!)
Contact information: 850 591 5702 or [email protected]

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The pictures will show a trailer hitch. I am an avid cyclist and use the hitch to carry my bicycle. The hitch is an unabashed copy of the unit sold in Germany. It works great. I will include a few pictures and would be happy to take and send high res pictures of any part of the car you wish.
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