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19% ECO number

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I rarely drive my wife's coupe. Today I took it out and the ECO number was 19%. I have never seen it that low on either car. It is typically above 90% in my cabriolet, so I figured something must be wrong. It got up to about 50% on my 10 mile drive. Then when I restarted the car, it started at about 50% which is typical and got up to about 68% by the time I drove the 10 miles to home. All the time the kw meter showed three bars. So is there any reason to be concerned about anything?

2014 EV Coupe 19,500 miles
2014 EV Cabriolet 16,500 miles
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It means almost nothing. Normal stop and go traffic will drive the ECO numbers way down. So will jack rabbit starts and stops.
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