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Smart launched the car in 1998 and expected to turn a profit in 2004, to date they have yet to turn a profit.

Sales raised about 101,000 units from 80,000 in 1999. Production increased by 10 percent in 2001 to meet demand at that time the car was only sold in 11 European countries. It expanded distribution to Britain, Japan and Greece.

Smart sales rose by 26 percent in 2000, lifted by demand for new diesel-powered and cabriolet versions of the tiny two-seater.

By 2002 430,000 cars were produced since the cars launch. Almost 800,000 Smarts have been produced.

The Hambach plants annual capacity is around 105,000 units, once the US market is underway. It is expected the maximum annual capacity to grow to 125,000 and 140,000 units from around 105,000 at present.

It only takes 4.5 hours for the final assembly of a Smart vehicle at its production facility.

The smart division of Mercedes-Benz Canada delivered its 10,000th smart fortwo.

Smart sales in the first five months of 2006 fell 21.5 percent to 49,400 units.

Chrysler may launch the Smart car in Asia? Chrysler's plant in Beijing, China, could expand its capacity and be the supplier for Asia.

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