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Hey everybody! I sincerely apologize for taking so long to create this thread. Here are some pictures and videos recapping the first smart event. This event was very awesome and successful for our first meet up. In fact...many people that came weren't even from Connecticut!

We had a very great discussion in our focus group as well, sharing experiences and laughs and concerns about smart and the owners.

Once the focus group audio and video is finished, I will publish the findings and the audio but maybe not the video as that might be too revealing.

In total, we had 16 people show up. I was expecting a hopeful 10, but 16! Awesome!

Here is my smart on the upper level of the dealership before anybody showed up:

Here is my smart after people showed up:

And here are some video clips from the event:
c9abbe6d.mp4 video by smartcar111 - Photobucket

a4f1596d.mp4 video by smartcar111 - Photobucket

17963f20.mp4 video by smartcar111 - Photobucket
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