I built this a few years ago as a general purpose utility trailer, but specifically built it to haul a smart car. It has e-track attached to the bed to go directly under the smart car tires. I use a set of 3k lbs ramps (the nice ones Tractor Supply Sells) to load and unload the smart. I pulled it behind my RV on a cross country trip with no problems. And with the smart loaded over the axles, you have about 2.5' in-front of the car to put additional stuff. It isn't very easy to get in and out after it's loaded, but it's doable.

The trailer has 2x6 tongue and groove decking, electric brakes which work excellent, it's built to be easy to maintain, with 14ga wire set in cable trays to make it secure and rugid yet easily accessible for repairs. Tail lights are also built to be easily replaced.

It has a clean OR title.