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2 bike rack on Brabus Center exhaust Cabrio?

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Having eliminated the tow hook bolts as an option, does anyone have any suggestions. My goal would be to have something removeable with no visible modifications. The center exhaust would get in the way of a trailer hitch mount. The Brabus rear fascia is rather low and is one of the design elements of the car that I like so much. A small receiver type hitch on both sides of the car would not be objectionable.
A rack could then be easily inserted and removed, possibly a one piece inverted v shape with arms or clamps to attach two mountain bikes.
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As sleek as the smart!

Have you considered the factory bike rack?
I was looking for something much more simple than that which would be snap on or retained by a pin on each side. The factory bike rack certainly does not have the design of a sleek touring bike rack.... more like an adaptation of a Snazzy-Powerchair carrier.
Thanks for playing!:)
I haven't seen that one on a Brabus.

apparently he is looking for receiver options...

I am sure a welder could design two receivers that use the same attachment points as a Curt hitch - but what a pain it would be to go under the car and hook up two points every time.

I thought I had seen a post somewhere that implied the Curt hitch clears a center exhaust...hmm.
Maybe someone has a pic of a Brabus with a Curt?
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