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Hi all,

I've owned this 2002 Smart ForTwo G&K Converted for about 10 months, and after the first couple months I would get faint screeching when I accelerate, and it would even out after I was going at a consistent speed.

It's just gotten worse and worse, and now it sounds absolutely terrible when accelerating. Same symptoms as before, sounds bad when accelerating and goes away when you're going at a consistent speed. Also isn't as bad after you've been driving for a little bit but cold start is no bueno.

I'm in Washington and I've been having a hard time getting in touch with Green Car Clinic (I think their current business name?) to take a look, but in the meantime does anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be? I'm not absolutely terrible with cars if I know what the problem is and how to fix it but I'm not confident just going in without a starting direction.

I was wondering if the turbo might be part of it since it only happens while accelerating, and I do have trouble getting out of my friends steep driveway (his driveway is a monster though so not blaming the car on that one)

Thanks for reading! I can also record a short video including the sound if that helps.

Edit: I think I recall this happening after I had to top off my oil at one point, I've been doing my own oil changes using a vacuum pump but if I can get in touch with Green Car Clinic I believe they have a custom oil pan they can swap out for the 450 smart that has a drainplug that I might switch out if the vacuum pump isn't getting out all the dirty oil (I think it is, oil filter doesn't leak tons of oil when I take it off)
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