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For a couple of years, my car has stalled VERY randomly—at different speeds, different driving conditions, unknown if during auto or manual shifting. The car just ups and dies COMPLETELY, and the dash lights/indicators all blink and go bonkers, and has done this even at freeway speed in traffic. 😱😱😱 The latest two incidents, on the same day recently, a dash appeared briefly in the area where gear or “A” would appear; first time I’ve ever seen this, and I’ve had the car since 2007.

After I pull over and stop, i can start it up again. My mechanic will likely have no idea of what this is, so I will have to do the research. I can post a video of the dash indicators going bonkers if someone will tell me how to do this.

thanks for any help!
Check out this video link and see if this helps!
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