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Hi everyone,
I recently bought a 2006 Smart fortwo with 90,000km for my partner.

Since bringing it home I found it has a timing chain rattle which is severe.
I have ordered a timing chain kit and want to replace it.

I have read that you need to rebuild the top end when you do this job because the head gasket is damaged in the process??

A shop that is 3000km away quoted me 1100$ to replace the timing chain which sounds okay considering the work involved. However I cant transport the engine to them.

I want to do it myself, the question is.

Can I do it with the motor still in the car,
Do I need a new head gasket and bolts, rings etc.
Should I rebuild the motor at 90,000KM or will it keep going?

Previously it had full service history with Mercedes, then with a chain outlet mechanic.

How it stands now:

Thankyou so much

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