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if you suspect too much fuel ( what we call blowing coal)
then either the injector pump is set too high (bypass stuck shut) or timing issue. ( unlikely)... lastly is its smoking and I mean REALLY smoking, you could have a problem with the turbo.. I have seen the turbo seal go and suck the oil out of the engine and straight out of the exhaust... so keep an eye on it.
If you just changed your OIL and its smoking then you have too much...

BTW if you havent noticed yet the oil level on all 450s GAS AND DIESELS are critical.. too much (like after an oil change) and it will smoke like hell.. I know this from my own experience.
fill only to just under by 1/8 in (one CUP less) then drive it if it doesnt smoke, then ad the final cup.

Steveg 05 450 Cabrio. S.Mann
1 - 5 of 5 Posts