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Been getting a 442 code after refilling the tank and driving about 150 miles. It usually comes on before temp is at normal range, and only when waiting at a stop light..

So far, I looked for vacuum leaks, (found none) and checked gas cap for tightness. (always tight) so I dug a little deeper today.

Found a bit of corrosion on the top of the filler neck, and some black residue stuck to the seal on the gas cap.

Also finally remembered to check the air filter (K&N) it appears to have a black oily sweater on the inlet side. (not a good thing) I was able to pick up a replacement Wix filter and replaced it.

When I got this car, it had an oil leak so I am pretty sure it sucked oil and dust into the air filter and clogged it , maybe over time, not sure. I have no doubt replacing the filter will help the MPG's and maybe the error code (??)

Other than that and the minor repairs I have done, it is a great car! still have a few more things to do including a cruise pedal remap, and talk to the dealer about the "not going into reverse from park" issue sometimes. If I pull it into drive, then to park, it works fine. I am thinking it might need a software update.. and then there are the worn stabilizer bar bushings too...

It's getting there!!
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