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2008 Fortwo Passion Cabrio
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Having a problem with our 2008 Passion cabrio soft top. The leading edge has come loose from the frame. It appears that whatever adhesive the factory used has simply given out. I attempted a temporary repair with duct tape, ( I know, but I needed to do something!) and it worked fine. Until the rain started! evidently the duct tape being smooth against the front seal allows water to flow underneath! You can see from the photos (hopefully) where the original adhesive is some sort of white strip that is melted or pressed together in the small holes in the metal frame. I am thinking that some type of adhesive will fix this, but I have no clue what type. The adhesive evidently was only contacted to the fabric through the holes, there is no residue on the metal frame itself. ( Yes, the white stuff on the fabric is where I pulled the duct tape off.)

Any suggestions?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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