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after reading threads and watching videos on youtube I cant figure it out why my top stopped working properly
it was working fine, I didn't lower the top for a few weeks and now it wont go down past the first stop, it does open but stops right at the second opening (lowering the window) and YES I did press the up/down switch again, i didn't notice it any broken sliders etc..I lubed the rail and sliders with lithium grease and that did nothing, once I close the top it wont allow me to open back again, I need to turn the ignition off wait a few seconds for it to allow me to open the top again, and still stops right on top of the roll bar, also after I close the top as I drive the top opens on its own :eek: , I stop the car and the top stops moving, as soon as I start moving forward the tops moves again, I had to remove the fuse from the fuse panel in order to keep the top closed and I can daily drive the car ... Im lost and almost regretting buying a cabrio model.

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