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I am selling our 2008 Fleetwood Formula toy hauler which we used for two FL seasons before moving here.

I have a Craigslist ad which I will send to anyone via PM if interested.

I carried 1600 lbs of motorcycles in the back, and without looking the smart weighs a bit more than that, the trailer capacity is nearly 4000 lbs. for everything and the rear ramp is rated for 3500 lbs. I have a Ford F350 DRW that can be negotiated into the sale if someone needs a tow vehicle. The truck is well matched for this trailer, since it is rated to tow 26,000 lbs. combined weight.

So I believe a smart could easily be carried back there if someone wants to travel and take their smart with them.

PM me if you want more information. The trailer is near Venice FL.
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