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2008 ForTwo odor, chasing fuel leak (bad fuel pump)

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Revisited my 2008 ForTwo with an odor / fuel leak, after it having sat since about last September. Sad the recall didn’t address fuel leaks yet. Started & drove the car into my garage (so as not to annoy neighbors), now up on jack-stands, up doubly-safe with solid cinder blocks under the tires, emergency brake pulled hard. Engine ran not more than 2 minutes. Gas odor returned. Rear portion of undertray off with 4 screws. I saw nothing wet, but could see a faint residue where maybe something has leaked in the past. Started the car for 10 seconds then off, nothing wet. Restarted the car for 60 seconds then off. Fuel slowly seeping down on the passenger-side forward-corner of the fuel tank & dripping onto my floor. Took a movie with my phone. Turned on a large fan to blow air rearward out of my garage. Reviewing steps for tank removal next so I can see the issue. Tank shows half-full BTW, bummer. Update to follow.
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You may have filled the vapor cannister with fuel if you routinely fill the tank. When the you fill at the gas pump and it shuts off don't try to put any more gas in the tank because you can overrun the charcoal cannister and I guess it makes it spit and sputter and possibly leak a little. There's a post on the forum somewhere about that problem. DCO
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